Our Story

Essex Homes as it is today was a long time in the making.

1985 - Aiken, SC
: Karl Haslinger, owner and CEO, began building custom homes in this beautiful Southern town, one by one. He decided that homebuilding was indeed the path his life was meant to follow.

1993 - Columbia, SC: Karl founded Essex Homes Southeast, Inc., in Columbia, building approximately 25 homes per year.

2009 - Charlotte, NC: Started construction for the first home in the Charlotte, NC market.

2016 - Greenville/Spartanburg, SC: Acquired extensive land for growth into the upstate of South Carolina with construction beginning in 2017.

2017 - Brunswick County, NC: Expanded into the North Carolina coastal market, purchasing and building their first homes this year.

2019 - Aiken/Augusta:  Back to where it all began!  The very first Essex home was built in Aiken, SC, and Essex is excited to grow in the area.

Present: Essex Homes will be welcoming over 700 families into the Essex family this year between all markets. Essex will continue our growth and market expansion while maintaining much of our custom heritage as seen in the large number of original designs and the professional manner in which our new homes are built.

Repeat occurrences in Fast Track of Builder Magazine and numerous awards such as Builder of the Year have proven that Essex Homes is a leader in the new homebuilding industry. Maintaining high customer service satisfaction has been one of Karl's and Essex Homes' greatest achievements thus far. Perseverance, strategic planning and an abundance of faith have created a successful business, lifetime trade partners and friends for Karl and his family.