Tools To Keep Handy in Your New Home

Buying a new home is an exciting step for anyone. You’re living the American Dream! But the dream comes with a few more responsibilities. So you’re probably wondering how you can get your inner handyman to emerge. All you need are some start up tools to help you along the way. These helpful tools can be found at any local hardware store, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Amazon or Lowe’s.  Here is a list of the basic tools you should keep handy in your new home:

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Claw Hammer

A claw hammer will come in handy when placing nails for things like hanging pictures. The V in the back of the claw hammer is very useful when extracting stingy nails that are in places they are not supposed to be.

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Manual Screwdriver Set

A manual screw driver set is one of the most frequently used tools in a home. There are different types to chose from as far as the screw driver kit itself goes. Some have several different screw drivers where some have a base with interchangeable heads. With this tool, you can assemble furniture with ease.

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Things that make up the home are the people and memories. You also have to make a home your space that displays your taste, style and family. If you don’t want these things on the wall at an angle a level will be your best friend. You can get a multipurpose laser level from Amazon for as little as $12.98!

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Cordless Drill

Both inside and outside, this tool can be used many different ways. It’s conveniently battery powered so you can ditch the extension cords. When purchasing the cordless drill make sure to include the battery charger and accessories for different bit sizes. There are several different brands and sizes to choose from.

Allen Wrench Set

The allen wrench set looks intimidating with the hexagonal shapes but don’t let it scare you! This is another tool that is also a great assistant in putting together furniture. Depending on your needs, these sets are sold at Lowe’s and other hardware stores from $3.00-$32.00.

Tape Measure

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Any tape measure is good to have around the house. This is useful for measuring furniture before buying to fit in doorways, measuring distance between pictures to ensure finding the center or buying curtains. The old school tape measure will do just fine but now there are digital tape measurers for exact measurements. These now have a memory function to store data. This is helpful when you are up on the ladder and don’t want to carry pen and paper. Much like all other tools, there are several different brands and price ranges to fit your needs.

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