The eBuilt difference……


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eBuilt?…. What is eBuilt?

eBuilt is Essex Homes building process where we are working harder to make your life better, healthier and more economical. eBuilt homes are designed and constructed to reach 3 goals.

  • Reduce the amount of energy required to operate your new home
  • Reduce the impact on the environment during and after construction
  • Help keep more money in your pocket

Essex Homes is proud that eBuilt homes use 25% to 35% less energy than a typical new home. Essex Homes gathers statistics from a 3rd party inspection process. What does this mean to you? Every Essex Home we build are tested and meet the eBuilt standard which at the end of the day saves you more money on your electric bill every month. Just a sample of some of the testing process are:

  • Air barrier and sealing
  • High performance windows
  • Advanced framing techniques
  • On-Demand water heaters
  • Improved insulation

Marvin-Low-E-Glass-Graphic                                                                              5-waterheater


As we all know the world is living on limited resources and those must be used wisely. Everything we do now and moving forward will have a direct impact on us and those around us. Using only what we need is a way for us to preserve the future for others. The Essex Homes eBuilt process uses material and methods that reduce the amount of materials needed to constructing homes at a greater efficiency.  Conserving water is among our highest priorities when we build our homes through low flow plumbing fixtures while providing the same performance you are accustomed to with every Essex Home. Our storm water pollution prevention plan reduces erosion and pollutants from water run off.

The largest benefit of an eBuilt home is the money saving features which is what we all look for in a high performance home. Savings we have seen are from $1,000 to $1,300 a year which equals out to be $83-$108 a month over a typical resale home and $500 to $800/year or $42 to $67/month over most new construction homes.

For more information concerning the eBuilt process visit and visit the eBuilt information page.