Summer Maintenance Tips for New Homes

Ready or not, summer is right around the corner. One of the most valuable features of a home built by Essex Homes Columbia is that your new home is mostly maintenance free. With the changing seasons though, every home still needs a little attention.

Here is a list of things to pay attention to before summer hits us hard:

  • Lawn Care Fertilize trees and shrubs in the spring and fall only. Use 60-80% slow release fertilizer.
  • Insulation Your new home is designed to provide the proper insulation for our climate. Open doors, windows, fireplace flues and clogged filters are more often the cause of inadequate cooling or heating than deficient insulation. A lack of proper window treatments can also prevent the heating/cooling system from functioning properly.
  • Termite Treatment Termites can cause major damage to structures. It is highly recommended that you maintain an inspection and treatment program after the first year. Do not store wood in the crawl space as it could easily become a prime breeding area for termites.
  • Cabinets & Kitchen Countertops Keep all countertop seams dry. Maintain caulking between wall and countertop backsplash to prevent moisture from accumulating behind cabinets.

For a complete list of summer home maintenance tips click here.