Summer Home Maintenance Tips

summer home maintenanceSummer is finally starting to heat up here in the Carolinas! Whether you’ve owned a home for years or just a few months, you’ll know that, as a home owner, there are maintenance tasks to be done every season in and around your house, to keep it in optimal shape. Here are just a few tips from The Nest to consider.

  • Check Detectors: be sure to check that your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly
  • Inspect Air-Conditioners: remove and clean the filters on window units and consider having your central air-conditioning professionally serviced
  • Skip the Dryer: consider installing an outdoor clothesline to dry laundry in the summer sun
  • Polish your Porch: sweet painted porch floors then mop with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Check your Deck: look for signs of rotting and fix any nails that are poking up, consider sealing your deck if necessary
  • Mulch the Yard: adding a layer of mulch keeps weeds down and retains moisture in the heat
  • When to Water: to promote growth of strong, deep roots, water your plants deeply a couple times a week instead of giving them a light, daily watering

Keep your home and yard in shape for summer fun this season!