Prepping your Home for cooler weather

Here in the South clearly we do not have the severe freezing temperatures and snow to worry about but we do experience all 4 seasons. Below are some things to do before the chilly temperatures get here after cheering on your favorite football team!

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Clean out gutters

Fall leaves sure are beautiful to see but tend to result in more yard debris. Make sure to clean out your gutters before the leaves start to fall. Cleaning them out from dirt, pine straw and leaves will keep gutters from getting heavy and causing damage. Also, make sure to run water down the drain spouts in your gutters on a warm day to clear out dirt. If your house is surrounded by large trees a leaf guard may be necessary.

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Protect plants from frost

If you are a lover of plants and have a green thumb, make sure to remember they need even more TLC during the cold months! Bring small potted plants inside on a tarp so you will not damage your floors or keep close to the house for heat on the chilly nights. If you have a large garden and are growing fall or winter vegetables make sure to cover them with a tarp. If the tarp is plastic, you must remove before the sunshine comes the following day or they will bake! A blanket can also be a useful cover for smaller raised beds. Adding additional mulch, pine straw or leaves also help to protect plans from the colder temperatures. Make sure to cover the base of the plant well enough so they are not exposed.

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Turn off exterior faucets

Disconnecting hoses and draining all water from faucets will definitely help you out in the long run as we are approaching the colder winter months.  Pipes bursting are definitely a risk during the winter so draining faucets can refrain this from happening.

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Reverse Ceiling Fans

Usually with the change into fall and winter comes the dreaded time of turning up the heat and also racking up a larger electric bill for your home. To reduce the impact on your monthly bill make sure to reverse your ceiling fans in all rooms. Heat tends to rise especially during the summer months so reversing your ceiling fans will bring all of that extra heat back down to you on the floor! The fan may not actually make the room warmer but circulating warmer air will definitely help you and guests feel more comfortable during the chilly fall and winter months without costing a fortune.

Add scenes and scents of the season

With cooler weather comes all of the fun holiday festivities right in a row! After finishing up your “honey do” list to prepare your home, it is also fun to decorate for the holidays on the way. For fall candles of scents with apples, cinnamon, caramel and pumpkin are all a popular favorite. Carving pumpkins with the family to put on the front porch with yellow, orange or garnet mums is fun for an afternoon activity. Light up the scary faces on the pumpkins with little tea light candles. Thanksgiving of course is right around the corner. Before you have the family over for Thanksgiving dinner make sure to decorate the table in fun fall colors, placemats and get out those festive dishes! After the Black Friday is calm and turkey is out of the refrigerator it is time for Christmas and other winter holidays to celebrate. Bring on all of the lights, candles, Christmas trees, ornaments or however you celebrate the winter holidays! Surrounding yourself even at home with the holidays makes this ‘most wonderful time of the year’ special.

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