New Homeowner Tips!

new homeBecoming a homeowner (and moving in general) is quite a task and comes with a large amount of added responsibility. Here are a few tips to consider for your first few weeks in your new home:

1. New Address and New Accounts
You’ll need to open new accounts for utilities such as water, electricity and natural gas and for services like the internet, cable or satellite TV and home security systems. You’ll also have to change your billing address for your bank accounts, credit cards and other important accounts and have the Post Office forward mail to your new address.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan
Be sure to plan ahead and allow ample time for any extra landscaping, custom add-ons, security system installation, and/or home theater wiring. If you are thinking about painting a room, try to paint while the room is still empty.

3. Homeowners Association
If you live in a new home community with a homeowners association, be sure to figure out where to send your monthly dues, who to contact for maintenance issues, and if there are meetings you can attend.