Live Connected with Z-Wave Smart Home Technology

We live in a world with so many technological advancements that it’s often hard to keep up with the ever-changing times. Smart home technology is important and Essex Homes is offering the newest in home automation with the new eBuilt Living Connected smart home package powered by z-wave technology!

For those wondering what z-wave technology is, well according to it is “a wireless technology that will not interfere with your Wi-Fi signal and operates on low power…giving [everyday products] the ability to talk to each other and enabling you to control the devices and thus your home, from anywhere.” Simply, it’s a radio signal which is a plus for homeowners. In the event of a power outage, your z-wave enabled devices will still work!
Living Connected

Essex Homes is always finding new ways to make their buyers’ lives easier, healthier and more economical. We have advanced our already incredible eBuilt Technology program with the Living Connected smart home package in partnership with CPI Security. Buyers will still get the same great building technology that has been saving them hundreds every year, except now they can control their home with their smart phone.

The smart home automation system allows buyers to control various aspects of their home with the touch of a button. The eBuilt Living Connected program offers whole-house automation with lighting and outlet controls; camera monitoring and video door entry; and a surface-mounted command center controller. Essex Homes provides buyers with a system that syncs with numerous components such as the Schlage key-less door lock and the Honeywell smart thermostat. And you get an Amazon Dot!

Life makes it difficult for you to be where you need to be on time and it’s certainly impossible to be two places at once. Having the convenience of accessing your home systems remotely can be a time and life saver. With savings in mind, Essex Homes has provided the Living Connected system to help buyers manage their home’s energy consumption. With your smart phone, you can automate your thermostat to adjust the settings throughout the day. Wireless home security is also a feature that can’t be ignored. With the Skybell video doorbell, buyers have the ability to monitor any activity at their front door.

Come on, catch the “Z” wave with Essex Homes! For more information on this new technology or any of our communities, prospective buyers can call 844-456-2020 or visit