Life of Greenville

Greenville SkylineLife is pretty spectacular for the locals of Greenville. This charming town is located in the upstate area of South Carolina and is possibly the sweetest spot around. There’s so much to do and it’s filled with lively attractions and breathtaking views to keep the adventurous heart pumping. Let’s explore Greenville and the beautiful foothills neighboring nearby…

Greenville is the perfect place for settling your roots and fun seekers to wander. You definitely need to check out the downtown area for both excitement and relaxing. This popular area has its fair share of restaurants choices, clothing boutiques, art galleries and so much more. You are almost certain to see an artist recreating their surroundings or hear musicians playing on Main Street.

Speaking of music, a few blocks up on Main Street, The Peace Center, you can watch concerts , ballets and touring Broadway productions. There are also many parks featured in the city. Take a stroll through Falls Park and walk the Liberty Bridge to get an overlooking view of the Reedy River’s waterfall. Oh yes, a waterfall in the middle of downtown Greenville. This city has a whole lot more to offer and much more for you to add to your to-do list.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are only minutes away where you can cruise the scenic roads and capture impressive views. Don’t forget to bring your camera for when you pull over to take in the amazing landscape. For all the hikers, there are plenty of trails so grab your gear!

As you can see, you will have your endless amount of activities to do in Greenville and that’s not even half of them! Overall, Greenville is one of the best places to live in South Carolina. Not only is it extremely entertaining, but it’s a wonderful place to raise a family, have a career or start one, be inspired or to buy your dream home with Essex Homes! Make Greenville your home and don’t just live a little, spoil yourself!