How to Make Your Essex Home Unique

Cookie Cutter We’ve all seen it–perhaps unintentionally. You needed a shortcut home from a long day of work and wanted to avoid rush-hour traffic. It was a smooth drive home until you stumbled upon a cookie-cutter neighborhood. “These houses all look exactly the same!” you thought to yourself, wondering if you had accidentally stumbled into a real-life A Wrinkle in Time situation.

These neighborhoods are, thankfully, not controlled by a self-sustaining human brain, but there is a reason for their popularity. Cookie-cutter neighborhoods have existed since the end of World War II, when millions of families suddenly had the means to move to the suburbs. Identical houses were inexpensive to produce, and this incentive ushered in a boom of look-alike homes.

While these real-estate twins are affordable, you may want to avoid your home resembling the domain of a childhood novel villain. Essex Homes can help you design your dream home, using our Interactive Home Designer.

Simply click on any pre-designed home from our “Design Your House with a Mouse!” page. From there, you can choose your home’s exteriors, colors or interior floor plan. Even more exciting, once you’ve purchased your Essex home, your sales agent will connect you with our design studio and design team to help you create a home that best reflects you, inside and out.

Essex Homes is committed to staying on top of the trends in home design and bringing you the best plans for your home as the times change. We continue to offer the best quality, energy-efficient designs and personalizing options year to year. Whether you are in the Columbia, South Carolina or the Charlotte, North Carolina area, the “Key to Better Living” can be yours!

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