Essex Homes Unveils New Green Building Program: eBuilt Homes by Essex

eBuilt by Essex Homes

Wednesday, May 30, Essex Homes, Southeast, Inc., unveiled their new building program “eBuilt by Essex” to a crowd of over 280 Columbia area real estate agents, mortgage specialists, and attorneys.

“This new program is providing new home buyers with a home that is 30-40% more efficient than the typical newly built home and 60-70% more efficient than a typical 10-year old home” as presented by Charlie Barber, Green Specialist for Essex.  Mr. Barber began working on this program over 18 months ago and implemented the new efficiency guidelines in December 2011.

There are 3 main components to the program:  energy savings, environmental savings and economic savings.  Combining these practices provides homebuyers with instant savings and earth friendly building standards.  All newly constructed homes are 3rd party tested to ensure maximum efficiency and to receive the RESNET HERS rating; the lower the score, the better the efficiency.  Practices include radiant barrier sheathing, high performance windows and HVAC systems, advanced framing techniques, and insulation values up to R-50.

Karl Haslinger, owner and CEO of Essex Homes said, “New home purchasers of today expect more when they are purchasing a home.  They want features that provide value and comfort; green features to save them money on their monthly utilities and technological features that meet their communication, computation and entertainment needs.  At Essex, we work to provide all of our homeowners with this type of value by utilizing a better way of building.”

For more in depth information about this awesome new building program check out the new eBuilt section on our web site!