Essex Homes Unveils New eBuilt In2itive Technology for Columbia Buyers

Essex Homes is working smarter to make your life easier, healthier, and more economical.  Essex Homes’ eBuilt Technology has always been at the top of its class, and now it’s even more advanced. Essex Homes is proud to announce the release of eBuilt In2itive Technology. Columbia area buyers can now enjoy enhanced technological features at a lower cost!

When Essex Homes unveiled the eBuilt program, they did so honing into three specific components: energy savings, environmental savings, and economical savings. These components paved the way to better building standards and improved the experience of the homebuilding industry as whole. Buyers will still get the same great building technology that has been saving them hundreds every year. But now they will also enjoy the ease and convenience of home automation with the new eBuilt In2itive Technology program.

The Intuity smart home automation system allows buyers to control various aspects of their home with the touch of a button and at a fraction of the cost. Essex Homes will provide buyers with an integrated system that syncs with various components such as the Schlage key-less door lock and the Honeywell smart thermostat. You will have comprehensive control of your entire home using the app interface that you can download right on your phone. Plus, there are no monthly fees!

The eBuilt In2uitive Technology program offers whole-house automation with options for multi-room audio, lighting and outlet controls, camera monitoring and video door entry, whole-house intercom, home security system integration, and a surface-mounted command center controller.eBuilt In2itive Handout-02

Step into a new era with eBuilt In2itive Technology. Essex Homes has been building homes so you can live better. Now, we are building homes so you can live smarter.

For more information on the new technology or any of the Columbia-area communities, prospective buyers can call 844-456-2020 or visit