Enjoy Outdoor Spaces Year Round

For some enjoying an outdoor space year round can be a task. Here in the South the summer especially can be difficult to get outside and stay outside while being comfortable. Here are some tips to enjoy your outdoor spaces year round.

Temperature Control

To spend quality time in your outdoor space think of making some additions such as a misting fan, heat lamp, or fire pit to keep things warm or cool despite the weather.

Waterproof Furniture

Furniture is as important outside just as much as inside. When spending time outside you want to make sure you are comfy and cozy. So setting up outside furniture is not a chore think about investing in waterproof furniture such as wicker to withstand the rain or snow. Outdoor rugs are also a great additional to your space to add some color and flare! This will also help in reducing the amount of outside you bring inside on your shoes.  Soon enough your front porch or back patio can become your oasis!

Year-Round Gardening

Gardening and decorating is always a fun activity. Whether it is a hobby and your quiet time or something to get your kids involved it can make your outdoor space more like home. In the spring and summer using flowers of bright colors or plants of fresh fruits and vegetables can make the space enjoyable. Once chores are done sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Photo courtesy of Lowe’s

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