Backyard Living in an Essex Home

fire pitDid you know that you have the option to add an outdoor living package to your new Essex home? Nearly all Essex floor plans offer the option to add a fire pit to your backyard patio area. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting around a fire with family and friends enjoying the peaceful summer nights of the Carolinas? For those who do, here are a few tips to keep you, your family, and friends safe:

Keep it Clean: Maintain a clean area around your fire pit or fireplace and clean it regularly. Install a screen to keep sparks from flying out.

Starting your Fire: Use a fat wood stick or fireplace lighter to start your fire. Keep it small until you can determine the wind conditions (direction/strength). Only add fuel when necessary.

Proper Equipment: Fire safety gloves or fireplace pokers are suggested when managing your fire. Be sure to have quick access to a hose or fire extinguisher.

Minimize Smoke: Use hardwoods such as hickory and oak to minimize the amount of smoke your fire creates. Avoid burning trash or plastics as they emit dangerous toxins into the air.

Create a Safe Zone: Keep children and pets a safe distance from the fire. Make sure seating is a safe distance from the fire as well.

Keep Watch: Be sure to keep watch on the fire and never leave it unattended. When you’re done, double check to be sure that your fire is completely extinguished.

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