Advantages of Purchasing a Home in September

Lots of buyers know that spring is prime season for home buying, but don’t stop your home search just because the leaves are changing! There are a lot of advantages to buying your home in the fall.

fall leaves

  1. Less Competition
    Because fall is off-peak season for real estate, buyers and sellers are less active on the market. This allows you to take a priority position with your agent, who will have more time to focus on you. Inventory will still be plentiful, and you’ll probably discover that your preferred moving company has more availability, too!
  2. More Back from Taxes
    Tax breaks and tax deductions can be made for an entire year’s worth of income, even if you close on your home in December. Payments made before closing are also tax-deductible. This can seriously reduce what you have to pay Uncle Sam at the end of the year.
  3. Increased Security
    More break-ins occurs in July and August than during any other months of the year. Buying during fall greatly lowers the risk that you might be targeted during your settling-in period, and gives you time to install an alarm system.
  4. Year-End Sales
    Once you get into your home, you’ll want to personalize it and make it your own. When you buy in the fall, you can purchase appliances and home improvements supplies at a time of year when sales are abundant.
  5. Home for the Holidays
    You can put your harvest wreath right on the front door when you move in! A home purchase in autumn will give you just enough time to deck the halls, trim the tree and settle in with a cup of cocoa.

We’re happy to help you find your Essex Homes dream home any time of the year. Our current Fall Savings event can make the deal even sweeter, by offering you considerable savings on a variety of move-in ready homes in some of our most popular neighborhoods. Sale ends Sept. 30, 2018!

For more information about these homes, or to find other homes available with this offer, call Hillary at 844.456.2020.

exterior of home
331 Turners Court in Turner’s Point, Lexington, S.C.
945 Rocky Fall Lane in The Preserve at Rolling Creek, Irmo, S.C.