Winter Tips for Your New Home

Family Room with view of fireplaceIt’s the first day of winter! The winter solstice is marked by a short day and longer night but even so, there are some things that are perfect tasks for the colder weather — and some things you should try to save a few bucks on your energy bill!

Organize and declutter
Who said that you should only clean out your home in the Spring? Split that chore in half and get some done in the Winter! Decide where everything should go and you’ll feel less overwhelmed and make room for awesome Christmas goodies.
Tip: Don’t worry about getting to every room in the house. Start with smaller areas, make a plan and attack! You’ll love seeing the progress you’re making and want to keep working.

Paint something!
Tired of that wall color? Paint it! Painting is better in the winter because the cooler weather is best for drying paint. But even with this quick dry time, make sure to crack a window or use a low-VOC paint to avoid breathing in fumes.

Temperature control
It may be tempting to have your temperature set to 76 degrees when you’re cold but that is a sure-fire way to increase your energy bill. Try setting it between 68-70 degrees so as not to over-exert the furnace and keep energy costs low.
Tip: if you will be gone for a while, make sure the thermostat is set to always keep the house heated to at least 60 degrees at all times.

Trim trees and remove dead branches
Not only can this make your landscaping look much more polished, it can prevent any accidents down the line.

Try thermal window treatments
Though every Essex Homes is equipped with Low-E coating on the windows for optimal insulation, window treatments with a thermal lining can help maximize its efforts. Open the curtains on sunny days to let in the light and at night, close them to keep in the warm air.

Reverse the direction of the fan
Warm air rises so when you reverse the direction of your fan clockwise, it pushes that warmth downward where you need it.

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