Top Fall Decorating Tips for Your New Home

Fall Decor 3As the weather turns crisp and the leaves start to fall, we’re getting ready for the most beautiful season of all. Get out your pumpkins and faux autumn leaves as we take you through some design ideas for your home this season.

When replacing your summer center pieces, think of neutral colors, and try replacing flowers with some simple pinecones and natural colored leaves. If you’re willing to try new trends and go for a more outdoorsy look, try using some small, faux deer antlers. Antlers are becoming a big hit this season, and not just because hunting season is approaching; they have such a unique look and no two are the same.

While looking around your house, are you noticing empty shelves or a bare mantle? Try placing pumpkins that vary in size, shape and maybe even color on them. You can find pumpkins made out of all different materials, including plastic, glass or even natural vine pumpkins. Add in some vines or branches with autumn leaves and berries to accentuate the fall décor. Depending on the size of the space, you can add as little or as much as you like.

When decorating the front of your house and looking for something to put out on the porch or on the front door, a big trend in the past year has been using burlap in your wreath. Or, instead of hanging a wreath this year, try hanging a fall bouquet on the door. Mums come in various sizes and shades and are perfect for just a pop of color to accent your home. Also, placing some hay or straw outside your front door with pumpkins and a basket or two of fall colored flowers will give off the rustic feeling and memories of old hay rides.

If you still feel like your home just doesn’t look right, it might be time for a change. At Essex Homes, we have plenty of new homes available that are move-in ready for this fall season. It’s not too late to get ahead of the season with a new home. For more information on new homes in the Charlotte or Columbia areas, please call 844-456-2020 or visit