Saluda Hill Brings Curb Appeal to Essex Homes Communities

Essex Homes-1Essex Homes prides itself on building quality homes with close attention to detail. We research the latest design trends and create homes that our customers will want to live in. To us, it’s more than just the interior or exterior of the home; it’s about all of the details, such as the landscaping that makes the home stand out and give it true curb appeal.

Wendell Furtick, founder and president of Saluda Hill Landscaping, understands that the landscaping is the first and last thing a home buyer sees. Professional landscaping is an investment. “Of all the items included in constructing a home, landscaping provides almost three times the return in investment,” said Furtick. Popular trends such as hardscaping, lighting and pathways add to that investment, as well as provide a space for quality family time, he adds.

We are proud to partner with Saluda Hill Landscaping, Inc. for most of our landscaping needs.  They have been working in the Midlands of South Carolina for more than 25 years.  Their expertise in comprehensive landscaping services and use of the highest quality materials are just two of the reasons we use them for Essex Homes. Saluda Hill creates an appealing landscape for each new home we build. Our homeowners enjoy sodded lawns, shrub beds, several trees and an automated irrigation system.  new home from Essex Homes

How would you like to have your weekends free with no yard maintenance?  Or to have a customized backyard designed to your needs? Saluda Hill is happy to create a design for all of your outdoor needs. If you want to create a plan to turn your yard into the best looking oasis on the street, they will work with you to come up with creative concepts, provide a unique landscaping plan and will install and maintain for you.  This is a benefit of their years of expertise, because many homeowners don’t know exactly what they want their space to look like. They just know they want it to look good! Saluda Hill is more than a landscaping service.  They offer all of the following services to give you your dream outdoor living space:

  • Landscaping: Yard services such as full installation of sod, irrigation, plant material, retaining walls and more. “Irrigation is key. It is not only insurance for your investment, but it helps the new plants grow much more quickly,” said Furtick.
  • Grounds maintenance: Maintenance of your landscaping in all seasons with services such as mowing, pruning, fertilization, edging and weed control.
  • Outdoor living: Customization and creation of a variety of outdoor spaces including hardscapes, patios, outdoor kitchens, water features and lighting designs.

For more information about Saluda Hill Landscaping or to view their projects gallery, visit their website at

Essex Homes is a home builder that offers homeowners the “Key to Better Living” in Columbia, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. Essex Homes was named one of the top 100 builders in the nation in 2015 and included in the Top 10 home builder list of Greater Columbia.  For more information about owning a home in one of our Essex Homes communities, visit our website at

*Custom design services and personal maintenance are separate from the purchase of an Essex Home and will not occur until after closing  Saluda Hill can provide any of their services on newly constructed or existing homes.