Natural Gas for the Winter Months

SCE&GWith the winter months creeping ever closer, it’s essential that your home is well heated.  SCE&G offers a more affordable, energy efficient way for owners to enjoy the comfort of their own home during the colder weather – natural gas.

Natural gas produces heat that is evenly distributed throughout your home and it is roughly 25 to 35 degrees warmer than propane.  It’s a terrible feeling going from a cozy, warm bedroom to a cold, frigid bathroom. Natural gas will put an end to the hot and cold spots that seem to appear throughout your home.

The thought of converting from propane to natural gas may be overwhelming, but what customers don’t realize is that most propane appliances can be easily transformed to run on natural gas. The more appliances that you have that run on gas, the more you are encouraged to select natural gas as your overall heating source. One of the many conveniences for natural gas is that as colder weather and winter storms are approaching, running low on fuel is never an issue. There will never have to be a tank refill or a contractor knocking on your door again. Our partner, SCE&G, aims to please their customers by providing a one-time, mess-free installation. They want to keep their customers informed from beginning to end and alert them with any issues, changes or concerns.

Essex Homes is delighted to be partnered with SCE&G in order to provide natural gas heating for our homeowners. Not only does natural gas require less maintenance and provide your home with thorough heating throughout the winter, it will help lower your overall energy costs and be a sound investment for your future. A study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found an increase in the resale value of your home by 6 percent more if your home used natural gas!

If you’re ready to purchase a new home in the Columbia area that has the benefit of being a natural gas home, visit our website at or call 844-456-2020. For more information regarding SCE&G and natural gas, visit