Meet Kara Pound: Marketing Coordinator with Essex Homes

Kara Pound with Essex HomesKara Pound joined Essex Homes in May of this year. As Marketing Coordinator for Essex Homes, she works extensively with graphic design and is the administrator of the website. Her experience and achievements during her career have provided her with a strong foundation and has prepared her well for the upcoming projects at Essex.

We interviewed Kara about her role recently:

What is it like working in new home construction as opposed to civil engineering?

The most notable difference for me is the direct connection to the end user. I have a background and passion for architecture. I love the idea of creating a setting for life, especially one that is so poetic that the people who use it may not even notice it, but daily, the thing you have created influences their lives for the better. A well designed world is my utopia. Be it civil engineering or homebuilding, these fields at their best are designed to bring fluidity and beauty to daily life, which is why I am so strongly attracted to these fields. The key difference between the two is the connection to the people who use our products. It’s a very special feeling to know that Essex’s homes are built with specific people and families in mind. I love that the product we provide will be the stage for so many beautiful personal moments in our homeowners’ lives.

What impact does a strong website have on today’s marketing?

A strong website is the foundation for marketing efforts. An open and user-friendly web presence is key to building trust. It represents a company in the way your home represents you. Its structure and contents are a strong statement to those who enter about the type of person or company you are. Essex Homes is such a wonderful company full of caring people who are dedicated to building quality homes. I’m so excited about the new design we are working on for our website. We are re-conceptualizing the entire site including navigation, content, functionality and overall look. I can’t wait to launch it; I hope that it will express to everyone who visits our site exactly how special this company is!

How does your past experience fit into new home construction?

My previous firm offered design, construction management and inspection services, and at its core, Essex provides the similar services just on a different scale. Unlike creative people who work specifically for graphic design companies, I have worked side-by-side with many people who have very different skills and methods than me. The creative process is exhilarating, but different than the highly technical design process, or the logistics of construction management, or the observance and knowledge required for inspection. I feel like my work processes have benefited from interacting with people who approach projects in such a different way than I do.

What interested you in the Marketing Coordinator position at Essex Homes?

My previous experience focused on business-to-business marketing. I thoroughly enjoyed the work I did, but the challenge of marketing directly to consumers was very enthralling. The homebuilding industry fit happily into my wheelhouse, while still pushing me to grow and learn. I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

What is the benefit of being creative while also being tech-savvy?

It’s the best of both worlds, to have the ideas and the skills to create them. Sometimes I forget how far I have come since I left for college. I have learned so much and can’t wait to learn and do more. Plus, I love that my family has blessed me with a logical mind that still has room for the chaos of creativity. The balance between the two has benefited me tremendously.

What are the newest website trends right now?

I’ve noticed that longer sites that focus on scrolling are becoming more popular. An interesting visual trend is Parallax Scrolling. Usually websites with Parallax Scrolling consist of a long scrolling site in which the text boxes are interspersed with images that extend the full width of the page. When the user scrolls, the images shift at a different rate than the text boxes exposing different parts of the image. This gives the illusion that the image is in the distance. It provides a unique visual experience. In fact, the Windows phone employs this visual on the home screen. I prefer the “form follows function” approach to websites. I love a site that is approachable and easy to use.

What are you enjoying most about working in new construction?

As I mentioned before, I love the impact our company has on our homeowners’ lives. From first-time homeowners to growing families to people who have worked hard and are finally able to purchase a luxury home, the homes we provide bring so much joy into people’s lives. Doctors who deliver babies, people who marry couples and home builders get to be a part of some of the most monumental times in people’s lives. It’s wonderful to consider that in a small way, I’m a part of it all, too.

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