Meet Hillary, Essex Homes’ New Digital Marketing Coordinator

Essex Logo 2-1-14Hillary Jones, digital marketing coordinator, joined the Essex Homes team in February of this year. She has an extensive background in real estate marketing and public relations and has worked with new home builders throughout the state of South Carolina.

We interviewed Hillary about her past and current experiences recently:

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing allows companies to promote their product via the internet on computers, mobile devices, social media and more. These outlets are another way to market your brand other than the traditional marketing components: print ads, radio, etc.

What impact does it have on today’s marketing? 

It is a digitally connected world and digital marketing is instrumental in any company’s marketing plan.  To maximize your digital marketing strategy, it is vital to understand what your customer is looking for and to be available when they have questions.  Essex Homes uses social networking sites as a tool to connect with our customers.  We track activity on these sites, which help us identify what is important to a future Essex homeowner as well as engage with cure Essex homeowners.  Instead of “just guessing” what the customer is looking for, this information gives us insight to what is important to them!

How does your role fit into digital marketing?

My role at Essex Homes is to manage all of our digital and phone leads.  To better say it best, I am “your Essex Homes’ personal concierge.” I feel as though people want that live voice, one-on-one interaction and personal advice. The consumer can choose how they would like to communicate with me via digital outlets, like social media or email, or calling me 24/7 regarding any new home in Columbia, South Carolina or Charlotte, North Carolina. Purchasing a home is very emotional transaction and I want to be their best friend through the process. Yes, I can direct you to the Essex community that will fit your needs, but I am also full of great information about everyday living in Columbia, too!

What interested you in the Digital Marketing Coordinator position at Essex Homes?

I have been working in public relations and marketing in the building industry in Columbia since relocating here more than five years ago. Through the years, I have worked closely with Essex. Of course, I think the quality of our homes are the best in Columbia, but more important to me personally is what Essex Homes was founded on and stands true to today: their strong family values. Being a mother of two teenage children, flexibility in my career had become more imperative recently with their busy schedules. The great thing about the world being so digitally connected is that I can be available for the customer 24/7 from anywhere!  I literally work seven days a week 24 hours a day, but I can also be a mother that is present in my children’s everyday life.

For more information regarding any of our Essex Homes communities, please contact Hillary at 844-456-2020. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.