Landscaping Tips and Tricks for New Homeowners

Remmington Spring is here, which means life will finally return to your gorgeous yard! Adding new plants to the garden, but also nurturing the existing plants, are crucial to a lawn’s success. We are all eager to get outside and add some curb appeal to our homes, but there are some important landscaping tips we all must make sure to follow if we want to win ‘Yard of the Month!’

A good place to start with spring gardening is to do a quick clean up of your yard. This means picking up any stray branches littering the grass, raking up the last leaves of fall and clearing any other debris that might put a blemish on your lawn. Simply removing these eyesores will improve your yard.

With the formalities out of the way, you can get to work. It’s important to prune the branches that look dead, damaged or diseased from your trees or shrubs. This will make sure the plants continue to grow in a healthy way and will assure that it remains strong later in its life. Once any pruning is done, it’s important to remember to clean up the additional debris from your gardening bed or yard.

A simple way to add elegance and definition to your landscape is to edge. Edging creates a clear divide between the landscape and the lawn, which makes the yard look well-groomed and the homeowner look like a professional. A great complement to edging is of course mulching. Mulch adds a well-maintained look to the landscape, but it’s also important to keep your plants healthy. A garden with three inches of mulch helps to build a nurturing environment, minimize weed growth and retain moisture in the soil.

Planting is the most fun part of gardening, but there are a few things to think about when doing that, too. Be sure to know your own climate and the climate needed of the plants you wish to add to your landscape. If the two are not compatible, no amount of gardening tips will help. Even location in your own yard is important! Make sure that the plants that need a lot of sun are planted in areas of your yard that receive plenty of sun throughout the day.

Perhaps most importantly, make sure the plants you add to your landscape enhance your home! Choose plants that complement your home’s exterior and fit in with the design. Certain plants will look out of place, like a palm tree in front of a Victorian-style home, and will hurt your home rather than help it. Your landscape and your home’s exterior should work in harmony to increase your home’s appeal.

Landscaping can be hard work, but if these tips are followed, it will be well worth it. Everyone wants their yard to be the talk of the neighborhood. Be smart with your landscaping decisions and you’ll make sure the neighbors will be talking for all the right reasons!

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