Fun Indoor Activities to Try This Winter

Essex Homes play areaDuring the cold winter months, time can seem to drag on slowly when you’re cooped up inside during bad weather and freezing temperatures. While dreams of strolling around the block in the sunshine or enjoying a cookout on the back porch dance in your head, you may feel like your adventurous spirit is decreasing with the temperature. Change that this winter with these must-do indoor activities that will bring your family closer together and keep you warm too.

Here are our top picks for indoor activities this winter:

  1. Indoor s ‘mores. Grab your graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate for this age-old treat that everyone is sure to enjoy. This simple, delectable snack can be made with your trusty oven right at home! It only takes twenty minutes to make, but it’s an activity that everyone can participate in and become part of your annual winter tradition.
  2. Movies and popcorn. Here is another food-related activity that can be enjoyed by all this winter. You can even purchase or create your own popcorn flavor combinations using assorted chocolates, nuts and other treats while cozying up to a great movie.
  3. Camp in by the fireplace. If it’s too cold to go out and get warmed up by an outdoor fire, take advantage of the opportunity to light up your fireplace. Play board games, get a few comfy pillows and some snacks, or watch your favorite winter- or adventure-them movies.
  4. Catch up on some reading. It’s easy to neglect hobbies while living active lifestyles, and sometimes we need an excuse to let our guards down and just relax. There are a lot of ways to incorporate this fundamental activity into your day for adults and little ones. You can read magazines, blogs, get reeled into a great book, or even tell your own stories for a creative twist.
  5. You don’t need to have experience in this creative task to be good at it. This is a great way to reflect and organize items, photos or any other emblems of accomplishment. It requires everyone’s contribution and serves as a constant reminder of the wonderful times you’ve had. It can always be updated to mirror growth and other major changes in your life.
  6. To feel like you’re getting the most out of your time indoors, use it as an opportunity to clean and organize around your home. Winter is the perfect time to assess spaces like your closet, get rid of items that were unused throughout the last year or no longer fit, and organize what remains.

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