Essex Homes Invests in the Safety of South Carolina Residents with EdVenture

EdVentureFire and life safety is critical to the welfare of children and families in South Carolina. For this reason, EdVenture has created special programming designed to educate children grades pre-K through 5th, and their families on fire safety and prevention.

South Carolina citizens are 32 percent more likely to be in a fire-related death than the national average, so EdVenture has prioritized education for children and families about fire safety. Kids are being introduced to a program that is specially designed to make safety a fun and intriguing topic. Certified educators use tools such as a 911 simulator, home escape route plans and interactive media to illustrate how to react in a time of crisis.

You can have the opportunity to get fully emerged in what a fire emergency would look like in the 4-D multimedia experience. Step into “Home Safe Home” and learn how to prevent the five most common mistakes that lead to house fires in South Carolina. Children are more likely to retain the information they learn in this hands-on environment, and that retention could potentially save their lives. The program is not only entertaining, but also teaches families to be better aware of fire prevention methods and how to react in home emergency situations.

Essex Homes cares about the safety of our home buyers and their kids. With a multitude of new home communities in Columbia, our residents are among the 32 percent who are more likely to be in a fire-related death. Statistics like these have made safety a priority for us, and motivated us to give back to the community by participating in the sponsorship of EdVenture.

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