Essex Homes Announces New User-Friendly Website

Essex Homes Website LaunchWe are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, Designed by marketing, communications and interactive agency Marketing RELEVANCE, LLC to be fully responsive and easy to use, the new site will help buyers find their dream home quickly and easily no matter where they’re searching from.

“The most important feature of our website, the home search tool, has been redesigned to make it easier than ever for buyers to find the home of their dreams,” said Susan Longshore, marketing director with Essex Homes. “Buyers can search by area, bedrooms, total square footage, price range, number of bathrooms and more.”

The new has already proven effective with an increase in leads over the first two weeks. Incoming leads increased by 86 percent, with a total of 56 leads since Feb. 2, 2016.

Additional features on the new site include:

  • A desktop, table and mobile user-friendly experience thanks to its responsive design. The site is easy to navigate and search from any type of device, making it easy to find information from home or on-the-go.
  • Improved Google Map function means that browsers can get detailed information on the community location and amenities in the surrounding area, including schools, recreation opportunities, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers, medical centers and more.
  • An industry-specific backend that makes it easy for our team to manage data on the website. This means that buyers will have up-to-date information about available homes, open communities and more!

To view our new website, learn more about our Charlotte and Columbia homes, or search for the home of your dream, visit