Benefits of Buying a Home with Natural Gas

eBuilt energy efficient homesIf you’re thinking about switching to natural gas, what’s stopping you?  Natural gas not only costs less in the long run, but increases the value of your home.

There are so many added benefits to switching to natural gas; it costs less to operate appliances with natural gas than other energy choices, and it costs less than propane without the additional worry of refilling. Gas allows for faster, more precise cooking and replenishes hot water faster than electric water heaters can.

“With today’s home buyers, energy savings and choices are more important than ever before!” said Michelle Coppock, SCE&G Senior Account Manager, Major Accounts. “By choosing a builder who installs natural gas in their homes, buyers are assured of a home that is both more valuable and less expensive to operate. With natural gas, buyers can have an abundance of hot water, the cozy warmth of gas heat, cook like a pro, and the ambience of gas logs…all while saving money on their energy bills!”

SCE&G offers a variety of rebates for customers who choose to switch to natural gas, including a $50 bill credit and a $200 rebate for switching to a natural gas heating system. Not only will you be able to stay warm in a more efficient way, but you’ll be saving money when you make the switch.

Essex Homes is happy to be able to provide only natural gas heating for our homeowners. Many people think a larger heating and cooling system will provide increased efficiency. However, an oversized unit is actually less effective and wastes energy at the same time. With our newly built homes and natural gas heating systems, you can rest assured your home will have exactly the right equipment it needs to function and maximum efficiency.

All of our homes are constructed using eBuilt technology, which use 25 to 35 percent less energy than the typical home. This is because we use the most efficient energy saving features, providing our homeowners with a greener, more cost effective home.

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