Essex Homes Greenville SC

Essex Homes Greenville SC

We may be biased, but at Essex Homes, we feel that Essex homes in Greenville, SC are the best of the best. Even still, you need to do your due diligence before buying one of our beautiful new construction or model homes. You should be happy in your home for many years into the future, so make sure you take the time and “test drive” your home before you buy it with these steps.

Scope Out the Neighbors

When you’re walking through a new house, it can be easy enough to walk through the halls, the kitchen, all the pristine and new bedrooms and spaces and fall deeply in love. However, if you’re seeing the house during daylight hours, that doesn’t tell you whether you have neighbors who have loud parties deep into the night.

Make sure you go at different times of the day to see how neighbors are. When you’re walking around, do the neighbors say hi or are they all indoors or at work during the day? Go to the house at night and see what the noise level is like. The key to finding out what a home is really like is going at different times to check out the neighborhood.

Try to Walk Somewhere

It’s important to many people that the home they buy is within walking distance to certain things. If you like to go on walks in the morning or at night, take your walk to the neighborhood and see if you feel safe and comfortable walking down the street. If you don’t have a car or prefer to walk to do most of your errands, then go to the house and walk to the grocery store, post office, or coffee shop.

Check Out the Plumbing

One thing that many people forget to check is the water in their prospective new house. This might not seem like a big deal but if you turn on the shower and can’t get sufficient water pressure, that’s a small annoyance right now, but over time it’s going to bug you more and more. The most beautiful shower in the world is still going to be disappointing if it just barely sprinkles.

Analyze the Storage Capacity

When you’re walking through a brand-new home, one of the things you might neglect to look for is storage space. You may not need a lot, but you’ll need some. Figure out before you go what items you’ll need to find space for and try to figure out in the new home where those things would go. Although not a deal breaker for many, lack of storage is a serious issue that you’ll find yourself frustrated with sooner or later.

Buying one of the Essex homes in Greenville, SC will likely be one of the most significant decisions of your life. However, you need to take the time to check out the neighborhood and perform these other essential steps before signing the purchase paperwork. Doing these things when looking at a new home may save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

Essex Homes Greenville SC
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Essex Homes Greenville SC Essex Homes Greenville SC